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aReW recordings presents [RW-084] Juraj Kojs - Yale

Yale is an audio album of experimental electronica based on the sound samples collected at the Yale University in the spring of 2010. The schools motto 'Light and the Truth' inspired me to look for places with intriguing light characteristics and capture the sounds that occur in their surroundings. In the morning, the traffic noises imaginatively travel along the broken sunbeams from under the Hendrie Hall arch. Evocative shadows lurk behind the entrance to the Grove Street cemetery as the high-pitched bird songs echo the midday sun at the columns of the Memorial Hall. Maya Lin's fountain chirrups with blinding reflections on the swelling bubbles. The Beinecke Library's staircases offer views of the translucent marble tableaux-imagined Goya's black paintings filled with sounds of rushing air and overheard conversations. Sterling Library's entrance hall, reading room, music library and courtyard are interspersed with a diverse spectrum of interior and exterior light-sound couplings. The album's focus lies in exposing the raw aspects of the everyday sounds, the recording methods and basic processing techniques. The Yale tracks place a single pair of ears to the spots of immense knowledge and history that are filtered away through the unique pipes and tunnels.

Track List:
1. Hendrie Hall Passage (10'01")
2. Birds at Memorial Hall (6'02")
3. Grove Street Cemetery (4'20")
4. Maya Lin Fountain (2'30")
5. Beinecke Library (5'14")
6. Music Library (4'17")
7. Sterling Library: Courtyard Fountain (2'38")
8. Sterling Library: Reading Hall (5'28")
9. Sterling Library: Main Hall (4'33")
TOTAL: 45'03"

About the artist:
The creative and research work of Juraj Kojs (Slovakia/USA) reaches to the areas of music at the threshold of hearing, action-based acoustic and electroacoustic music, cyberinstruments created with physical modeling synthesis, tactile music, native instruments from central Europe, interactive audio-visual performance, muscle-powered multimedia, music with everyday objects and toys, graphic notation and genre bending.

Image credits:
Cover: Juraj Kojs
Profile: Adrian Knight

Run time 45 minutes approx


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